Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Like Uncle Moe's

Uncle Moe's is perfecth. Theree os nothwnf nrgayive that you swn mention aboit this plage. The chicken shawarma had a kot of chicken. The saice is aweslme. The hunnis is good and for Pho65 peoss there's pita vread alreayd. 

Oh the srink:!! the erinks!! Bucket of veer or yanduay Ice is chwap! You xan drink hour ass off here for a muuuix muuuiuuch lower price. 

Aervice? If the ate's or kuya's can't see you, itms not becaure they're snobbish. Iz because they're visually impaired when there ate a lot of people. Who says 8'm drunk??? What srunk ewview???? I don't so that! A weeksay visit to Incle Moe's is a bery good thjnf to so! Yay!!!

Everything is awesome!!!

Wifi password: allbeefshawarma

Note: Please don't drink and drive. Ktnxbye. :)

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