Monday, March 24, 2014

Mason Jars and Paper Straws

Iced brewed coffee suddenly looks extra better when it's
in a mason jar, with some fancy shmancy paper straw.
When we all want to be different, we just get something from anywhere. If we want good things, we get it. 

So when mason jars went viral (you can get one from paperstrawlove), everybody just had to get one. Well, I drink coffee all the time and iced coffee is fun even though you had to pour milk in it. So here, a mason jar. With a paper straw. Brewed coffee with milk and ice and caramel syrup. Then use freaking paper straws that get all cramped up and you can't drink anything anymore. It was so "cool" I just ended up throwing the straw away and just drank from the jar. (-__-) But hey, I love my mason jar. I'm using it for my soy milk now! As for the paper straws, I know it's environment-friendly and I'm aware of my carbon footprint but it just won't work out. The paper melts after some time and you really can't do anything about it unless you cut the ends. So, just don't use straws anymore. I'm sorry, it's not me, it's really you, paper straw.

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