Thursday, April 03, 2014

Homemade Grilled Tofu Burger

We have experimented with a number of dishes already and here's one you can whip up easily. I actually didn't do anything nor provided inputs. I just... Stood and stared and showered moral support. Presenting... Tofu Burger! Lalalalab. :D

Pull out the grill and start flipping them burgers!

Lettuce and tomatoes make burgers colorful and tastier, too!
You start with draining the tofu and then mash it a little so you can put it in the ovenette. There it will help you drain / dry the tofu wherein you will now mix in the flavorings and other extenders you can think of such as tissue paper, cardboard, wood shavings, or onions in our case. Tofu. Drain the water, mash it and drain some more. Then mix chopped onions and add the flavoring (we got barbecue!) aside from salt. Put in some flour to make it stick together. So, we're charbroiling it, right? We placed a foil on top then poured in the tofu patty mixture and when it was a little whole already, we started flipping burgers!!!!

Don't forget the cheese! Cheese makes the world go round, and in some situations, it makes lactose intolerant folks's tummy go round as well. <3

Here's the thing, it started with seeing these expensive and interesting finds in the supermarket. Then an idea pops out all of a sudden. So we set out and bought tofu and McCormick flavorings. Maybe I'm just lucky that my friend gets challenged with making vegetarian friendly dishes. I'm not complaining! I'll just be eating and supporting from the sidelines...of the grill. 0:)

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