Friday, April 04, 2014

Shooting Stars with a 9mm

There's always a new thing you can do but just can't because you convince yourself you've got no time for it. Well. Not really. Maybe you're just too lazy to actually try it or maybe just need a push from someone else. 

Or sometimes, all you need is a voucher or coupon from some legit groupon sites. The extra push comes with the expiration date so the mindset of "but I already paid for this sh*t!" actually works. Unless you're really into wasting money.

Stronghold Shooting Range is located at E. Rodriguez, past Tomas Morato when you're coming from St. Luke's side. You can find it on the right side. It's the new shooting range in town so they offer a beginner's course for well, duh, beginners. You get a classroom lecture and then 20 rounds of 9mm pistol fun at 5m and 10m. Plus they have a cafe at the lounge where you can load yourself up with caffeine before you go trigger-happy on the range. 

They pride themselves with being toxic-free but I don't really know about that because it's my first time firing a gun. Squeeze the trigger but before they say it, they clip your shirt first before they let you get a hold of that gun. (Why? It's because the shells might get inside your shirt and you go hysterical while holding a loaded firearm.) I really wanted to try the revolver but I don't think they allow that kind of request on beginner courses.

It was a fun (I'll admit it, it really was!) and interesting experience, so if you've got the time to drag yourself to try new things, a shooting range might prove to be a good place to visit. Another takeaway aside from the experience? Gun education. It's way better than reading about it on Wikipedia. Pew pew pew!

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