Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cafe Vegis

Cafe Vegis. It's that place you always just pass by that you didn't give a chance. Turns out, they serve the best vegetarian food so far. It's one up from Agico because Agico's price range is just a little too steep. There are a number of vegetarian places around, from the usual Bodhi, to the creative Pipino, to my old favorite Greens (Scout Castor), to the expensive Agico (San Juan), and then there's Corner Tree Cafe (Jupiter), too. 

It was interesting to see liempo. I'm wary of these mock meat because they all taste like Spam. Or fine, maling. The texture is a dead giveaway of how much it was trying to pretend to be good. 

I was ready to bash the liempo. However, it was dang good! From the texture to the crispy sides, it was really good! I was already suspicious about it, the strains were like real meat - at least how I remember it. 

And we also tried their Grilled Salmon and sisig. I still believe sisig at Greens is my favorite, while Bodhi's barbecue is top notch. I was able to try Agico's Bacon Burger and it was oh-mazing! Now, I want to try out other dishes from Cafe Vegis because this resto just made me want to try it again even while typing this. o___o

Cafe Vegis is located at Moomba Compound, Mother Ignacia near Don Roces Avenue.

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