Friday, August 29, 2014

Going Down

I'm now becoming a lazy blogger. I blame not having a laptop for this wherein I can just type away my thoughts on the whim. 

So what do we have lately? Traffic is really bad here in the metro. I was born with traffic being bad and currently experience it to being awful. Let's see a few more years from now when it notches the "unbearable" status. Can't even bike or have other forms of transportation because the roads are unforgiving and the air is so close to giving us lung cancer. Guess we're just waiting for a miracle to happen or when teleportation is made available now. 

Then the taxes. Check Facebook and your feed has either exploded with the comparison of income taxes of the different nations in Asia or you just ignored it because you have felt so hopeless already you just microwaved something from your parents' refrigerator because you're too functional to cook for yourself. 

Where do our taxes go? They actually go to a lot of places. They are properly and smartly allocated, we can see that in budget reports. Basically, in paper. We can see that in paper. Only in paper. Then the money probably gets lost in translation. A million pesos allocated in paper, gets a quarter of it in reality. The rest just go to blackholes. It's just so funny this is all too common even in high profile politicians - those whose faces you can see everywhere, even in your worst nightmares. What does COA do? I think they're not doing their job or they probably are doing a good job but corporations or dirty politicians threaten the daylight out of them. "Good folks don't last too long" type, I guess. You remember this whenever you go out. The roads are horrible, the traffic is just depressing, the news gives you a wrinkle or two in an instant. 

Oh gosh. There's Manny Pacquiao joining PBA, too. As coach and a player, people! This just proves how ridiculous we are and how much we value freedom. Everyone's free to do everything here, especially if you're a sports icon or a politician, or the kid of a sports icon or a politician. You can be a professional boxer and a professional basketball player here. Oh, plus coach. Don't forget about that. Be a professional thief while you're at it, too.

In a way, our country just killed a huge part of whatever hope I have that we can still do something about our situation and not abandon ship. 

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