Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Adult Responsibilities and Liabilities

So. I finally brought in Noah the car today at the Service Center (hurrah!! hurrah!!) and I walked back and rode a jeepney to Greenhills. Not bad. First time riding a jeep after some time. You see, it is interesting to commute when you don't have to do it every day. It seems like an adventure and not a chore. So that's why I was kind of excited that I have to do it again when I pick up my car later before their office closes. (I just rode one jeepney and walked. Is that cheating? The weather was perfect for walking!)

While I'm on my way to Greenhills the chief mechanic called me up to ask about brake pads. "Ma'am, hello?" "Yes, kuya?" "Nasa school po ba kayo?" HAH! I laughed on the inside, so papasa pa pala akong student. Not bad. Fast forward to the pick-up time, receptionist told me they thought I was 15 years old. Okay. Now, I'm not sure if I'll be happy with that. What I'm sure of is that when my credit card bill comes, I'll be crying like a baby. Dang. Now I have to think of my bumper that the motorcylce driver hugged with his bike. 

Btw. Dear manong,

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Story of Mini-Cruisers

The cruiser (and mini-cruiser) board has been quite a sight lately. Skate parks and nicely paved areas are around the metro already bringing in more skaters into the scene. Skateboarders and longboarders have been around for some time but the cruisers are making a splash more recently. 

The first time I saw a cruiser board was when I was at Bagasbas Beach, Camarines Norte. I thought how fancy the board looked like and it wasn't that long like a longboard or a skateboard. The dude was carving somewhat seamlessly along the sidewalk. My fascination stayed at Bagasbas after I went back home to Manila as I saw that there were only a few online sellers of cruiser boards and they were at a whopping Php7,000++ back then. I could already book a trip to Palawan with Php7k! (And I did go to Palawan.) 

Fastforward to when I went to Melbourne, Australia. Man! It was everywhere! Melbourne had a laid back and outgoing lifestyle and I got to visit it during summer. The pathways swarmed with scooters, bikes, and boards. Cruisers were everywhere! I swear I wanted to purchase one right there, I just don't know how to bring it back home. I was already overweight by 5 kilos. Ha. Ha. 

After a year, the price has normalized. It means it's not freaking overpriced anymore! It's not a very cheap ride/toy/device, but it being priced that much a few years ago was unreasonable. 

Today, the local price is the relatively the same as their Amazon or official online price. You know what that means, right? Time to buy one and start the peklat process!!! 
My friend got the plastic Penny mini-cruiser at Php4,700 while I got the ecowood Fluidsurf mini-cruiser at Php3,500. Mind you, the Fluidsurf is a local brand. I used to purchase rashguard of their brand because it's locally made (and cheaper).

Okay, so we know the price. Now, how do you compare the ride?
That's not a feather duster, that's a... rooster.
I felt proud that we can make boards locally and they look competitive. Just look at mine, white trucks, red wheels, and just plain beautiful. Then you try kicking it. It does NOT go straight! My board is not going straight. (-__-) Wheel or truck alignment? I have no idea for now. Well, interim solution is to just adjust when you're riding it. You have no choice for now. The Penny (Aussie-made) rides smoother and it's easier to turn. The Fluidsurf ecoboard is more stable though and is perfect if your balance is as good as the Lochness Monster - a mystery. A friend says the ecoboard is better at carving but really, for now all I'm thinking of is to not fall on my butt, or face, or elbow, or basically fall.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sip & Gogh

Do you have an artistic side?

I don't. 

Seriously. It doesn't exist. If there is a miniscule of creativity in me, it camouflages to nothingness the moment I look for it. Practically gone. Or absent. Or forever in hiding. 
PLEASE don't try guessing which one is mine.
Sip & Gogh. Where you bring friends or lovers who want to try painting on canvas. You can mock each other's works (although this is not advisable) and drink wine because your pride just ran outside the building. Nowhere to be found again. You turn competitiveness into acceptable defeat. Your tears mix with the paint.

They have friendly folks there who can help you if you get stuck at "drawing" that staircase or want a color you don't know how to get from the basic ones in front of you for the 3 hours you have scheduled. They will get you paint that's in harmony with your chosen subject. You don't want to see color blue when you're painting an orange, do you (unless you really intend to distort it that way)? They also allow you to just paint on your own, without copying their sample works. Sip & Gogh can be your studio for rent. And they serve wine, too!

"OMG, I'm so excited to embarrass myself. How can I start painting here?!" 

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Cactus, Cactus, I Love You

Do you know how awesome my Wednesday last week was? It was August 27. Happiness is when someone brings you what you've been asking for so long. And you just smile so much your face hurts. Hudosdfuiewuiohfiovnvoiverjfp[ermoghmvg iohaiosdhowhruhoia!!!
My mini-babies!!! <3
Hello, Cact1 and Cac2s!!! I'm so happy I'm breathing out so much carbon dioxide on them. 

Oh btw, Cact1 is a Haworthia attenuata. :]

Friday, September 05, 2014

The Best Rootbeer Float Ever

Hi. Do you know how to make the best rootbeer float ever?

The ingredients are complicated. They are simple to procure but they tend to be depleted at a very fast rate. 

What are the key ingredients?
Rootbeer. I'll go all the way to your place and smack you if you ask me why we need rootbeer. No, non-cola products are to be poured into your toilets. 

Ice. Even if your rootbeer comes from a soda dispenser, ice pretty much makes life more interesting and rootbeer float more floaty. 

Ice Cream. Vanilla. Everybody loves a classic vanilla - a classic vanilla ice cream. So, the only point of contestion here is which brand is best for the challenge?

If you're a cheapskate tightwad (the redundancy is important), you can get Big Scoops's classic vanilla ice cream. I think they sell the cheapest vanilla ice cream that tastes good. You can opt for a Ben & Jerry's when you visit S&R, but Nestle (and Big Scoop) can easily do the trick!

Put ice. Then pour rootbeer. And then scoop in lots and lots (and lots) of ice cream. Shoot in a straw as a final touch. 
I tell you, mason jars make everything look pretty.
Freaking enjoy your treat!

Words of caution!!! Don't say I didn't warn you! Rootbeer float is very addictive. Watch your sugar and be careful when the sugar rush kicks in! Avoid breaking things when it hits you.