Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sip & Gogh

Do you have an artistic side?

I don't. 

Seriously. It doesn't exist. If there is a miniscule of creativity in me, it camouflages to nothingness the moment I look for it. Practically gone. Or absent. Or forever in hiding. 
PLEASE don't try guessing which one is mine.
Sip & Gogh. Where you bring friends or lovers who want to try painting on canvas. You can mock each other's works (although this is not advisable) and drink wine because your pride just ran outside the building. Nowhere to be found again. You turn competitiveness into acceptable defeat. Your tears mix with the paint.

They have friendly folks there who can help you if you get stuck at "drawing" that staircase or want a color you don't know how to get from the basic ones in front of you for the 3 hours you have scheduled. They will get you paint that's in harmony with your chosen subject. You don't want to see color blue when you're painting an orange, do you (unless you really intend to distort it that way)? They also allow you to just paint on your own, without copying their sample works. Sip & Gogh can be your studio for rent. And they serve wine, too!

"OMG, I'm so excited to embarrass myself. How can I start painting here?!" 

You enlist in classes via their website, pay, then show up on your scheduled date. Don't wear anything fancy shmancy. You might smear it accidentally with paint, if you don't, then maybe your date or seatmate will. Now that's not a surefire way of securing a second date. You have the option to join their classes (with sample artwork to copy) or you can just come in and paint whatever you want. When we went here, we were supposed to be part of a class but since there were only a few people who reserved (although the place was 3/4 full of walk-ins by the middle of the night), they gave us the freedom to choose whatever subject we want. The walk-ins were really good painters already, they brought their own designs and just want a studio (with available assistance) where they can start painting.

Best part? You bring home your work! Whether it just becomes abstract at the end of the day or a piece only your mom would say nice words about. No one's judging, have more wine. Yes, having 3 bottles is okay if you're an alcoholic

Sip & Gogh is located at Capitol Hills in the middle of Stacy's and Pancake House. 

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