Friday, September 05, 2014

The Best Rootbeer Float Ever

Hi. Do you know how to make the best rootbeer float ever?

The ingredients are complicated. They are simple to procure but they tend to be depleted at a very fast rate. 

What are the key ingredients?
Rootbeer. I'll go all the way to your place and smack you if you ask me why we need rootbeer. No, non-cola products are to be poured into your toilets. 

Ice. Even if your rootbeer comes from a soda dispenser, ice pretty much makes life more interesting and rootbeer float more floaty. 

Ice Cream. Vanilla. Everybody loves a classic vanilla - a classic vanilla ice cream. So, the only point of contestion here is which brand is best for the challenge?

If you're a cheapskate tightwad (the redundancy is important), you can get Big Scoops's classic vanilla ice cream. I think they sell the cheapest vanilla ice cream that tastes good. You can opt for a Ben & Jerry's when you visit S&R, but Nestle (and Big Scoop) can easily do the trick!

Put ice. Then pour rootbeer. And then scoop in lots and lots (and lots) of ice cream. Shoot in a straw as a final touch. 
I tell you, mason jars make everything look pretty.
Freaking enjoy your treat!

Words of caution!!! Don't say I didn't warn you! Rootbeer float is very addictive. Watch your sugar and be careful when the sugar rush kicks in! Avoid breaking things when it hits you.

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