Saturday, October 18, 2014

Acuaverde - Laiya, Batangas

Still the easiest place to go to when you want a quick beach trip, Laiya, Batangas is a mere 3-hour drive from Manila. It just gets a little tricky when you reach Lipa, but it will be a wonderful ride as long as you can manage overtaking some tricycles and jeepneys which stop wherever. It's their place, we're just visitors, so shush and just think of the beach for some peace of mind.

Acuaverde was the chosen place for this trip. Our previous destination was La Luz and going there again is just plain biased. Time to choose a new spot! Acuatico was a tad too expensive for a day trip at Php 2,000+  while Acuaverde (under the same company handling Acuatico) offers Php 1,050 with lunch and afternoon snack and full use of their amenities. Believe it or not, our main question was if they had a pingpong table and when they said yes, inclusive of the payment, ZOMG, let's pack our bags now! They had beer pong tables as well - one that looks like the original beer pong table and the other looked like a basketball court. Set-up depends on you, as long as you get beer.

They also had Foosball and darts. The staff was really kind and accommodating, their bar though offered "kiddie" alcoholic drinks - I can't taste the alcohol! The restrooms were clean (major requirement!!!), had bidets (omg, I'm in love!), and were well-stocked with toilet paper!

See, we tried almost all of their items. Their table tennis and Foosball were very much utilized, then went on kayaking until the guard blew his whistle. Apparently, we were going too far from the shore already. (Haha.) He said their manager was shocked when they saw us really far and quickly ordered him to blow the whistle and call us out. The water was so clear and beautiful you just wanted to keep on paddling away! (We're not suicidal. The water was just really beautiful. So blue, so calm, and so deep.)

We also rented jetskis for Php 2,000 per 30 minutes (Subic offers it cheaper but the beach here is more beautiful anyway). This was a third party provider but just go down to the beach and you have the jetskis and other water sport items readily available.

Oh by the way, the area around Acuaverde is a swimming beach. The water is clear and you can just lounge lazily or even take a swim around. There are no painful rocks you might step on and the water was, I repeat, really clear. I was actually surprised the beach was this clean and nice!


The beach was wonderful. The sun was out, the sand was fine, and the water was inviting. It was a perfect day with perfect company. :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Japan Invasion! Kansai Special

Oh. So we went to Japan last week. It was so beautiful and the people are lovely. Everyone should go to Japan at least once in their lives. You won't be disappointed.

Our Kansai Trip: Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Osaka. 

I'll blog about the trip soon (when, I don't really know).
And yeah, I love jump shots. :)

By the pond? No problem. 

Bamboo Grove? Of course. 

In front of Tetsujin 28? Yeahp. Got it covered. 

Universal Studios? Uh-huh. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo and The Breakfast Thought

Breakfast places are everywhere now. 

There are different categories that cater to every one. Lavish buffets can be found at hotels while cheaper breakfast buffets are also available (Somethin' Fishy) around the corner. 

Breakfast spots usually have exemplary interiors. They offer something new, something refreshing. Maybe to set your mood in whether you come in in the morning or just want to have breakfast food any time of the day. 

The Breakfast Table at Maginhawa offers denim place mats while Milky & Sunny at Kapitolyo has pastel colored walls and cutesie decors. Pi Breakfast and Pies's interiors are more similar to the 3rd wave coffee shops with its neutral hues and finishing. Then you have Early Bird Breakfast Club which has cutesie interiors as well but their food presentation is the one people pay so much money for. Speaking of budget, Kanto Freestyle Breakfast can be found at Mandaluyong, Kapitolyo, and Eastwood. They offer cheap(er) breakfast food (I think they have the cheapest espresso-based drinks, too) but of course, don't get your hopes way too high if the price of your Eggs Benedict is less than a tall caramel macchiato. 

Then if we're talking about setting, Rustic Mornings by Isabelo at Isabelo St., Marikina City wins. The place inside is full of pretty artsy decors. There are colored bottles, sliced glass, chandeliers, and chimes made from what you thought of trash-I-can-sell-to-junk-shops. The place was set-up surprisingly nice, it reminds me of Marcia Adams at Tagaytay, but this place can be found just within Metro Manila, specifically at Marikina. The parking can be difficult but the place is really nice. They change their menu when it reaches around 5pm. It becomes Isabelo's. Just like that. Nice, right?
How could you not want to go here?
You can opt to eat outside with the scenery or inside with the blue and white decors. Breakfast places have this relaxing soft vibes in them. I wonder how I'd decorate my place if I decide to open one. 
The open area is a refreshing place to be at in the morning and late afternoon.
Pray those bottles don't fall over your head.

The food is okay. I mean it's breakfast food, there should be no complication to that! It's easier to make compared to their lunch or dinner counterparts. Bacon done 3 ways is easier than making pad thai.Well, cooking is difficult when your bed is calling for you to come back and snuggle. 
It's their waffles with buttered cream and homemade syrup. This thing is marvelous!
Eggs, hash, and bacon. The potato got me interested in trying to make one.
So back to the question: why are breakfast places all over now? Is it because it's a very nice date place? You know, at any time of the day you and your date can go to these places and it's a sure-fire conversation starter - how the walls are so pretty, how the chair is so uncomfortable, etc. Easy-going vibes all over? You're sure of eating something you like (comfort food)? Or it's just a sure place where you can spend money instead of cooking on your own.