Sunday, November 09, 2014

You Are What You Plant

Okay. I totally missed out posting an entry this November. It's still on the early half of the month but you know, when you forget to do things, you'll totally forget about them. :/

Anyway! Found out these new cutesie bottled plants. I have three cacti under my care already but you can never have lots of plans. Then there's just the lure of putting something in your office area because stress and all and they are just so nice to look at.

They have a variety of plant types such as mini-strawberries, daisies, love grass, sunflowers, and I forgot. There's a bath tub design and a cup design, too. We got the bottle design. It's an interesting piece of useless item hahaha.

Daisy, Sunflower, and Lucky Grass set!

And then it would look something like a tampon this. We got it at MindWerks at Fisher Mall, QC, and I'm excited to start growing my Lucky Grass on my office table. Wooot woot!
Oh, hello!

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