Sunday, January 04, 2015

A New Year, A New Calendar to Flip

Oh why hello there, 2015! 2014 sure has gone by too fast, way too fast with me just holding on to a rope for support. This won't be a time to recount what has happened for the year - I have written moments here and there, posted photos and tweets of events and feelings (I have feelings, a lot), and I have etched in my mind hundreds and hundreds of memories. I have invested around and I'm picking up the yields of experience, tears, laughter, love, knowledge, and wisdom.

They say it comes in threes. 2013 gave me new people and a new environment to adapt to. It showed me there are still a lot to see and feel. It opened the walls. 2014 was the chance for me to make them flourish. So, what about 2015? Will there be a change in direction or would I just hang on for dear life or continue building what I have started?

Cheers even without beers, 2015. May you be better, so much better than 2014. 

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