Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy birth date! I'm now in my midlife! And I drank too much on a weekmornight! Whaddup!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Clean Plate - UP Town Center

Organic food is the new trend that is catching fire slowly but surely. Our restos now have been more diverse than ever, providing specialized dishes instead of fusions. Today we have organic dishes promoting "clean and safe" food and are GMO and pesticide-free. Okay, there is no surefire way of ensuring that what they're serving is really organic food. I guess you just have to trust their brand on that and when you find out if they're not true to their words, you can always make a social stir and lambaste them.

We have Green Pastures over at Shang now branching out to Eastwood, Earth Kitchen along White Plains, The Wholesome Table at BHS Central, and now The Clean Plate at UP Town Center. 

I have yet to try Earth Kitchen and my experience with Green Pastures was not really a good one. It was memorable but in a wrong way, so enough about that. It's making me cringe. 

The Clean Plate at UP Town is located at the 2nd Floor of the "newer" building. It does not boast a huge floor area but it adorns its place well with faux grass on the outside, new and colorful cutleries on the inside, as well as varied bottled food and other items for sale. My friend thought it was cute and annoying at the same time. I was just hungry. 

One thing you'll notice here is that their menu is very similar to Green Pastures except on the major difference: price. Green Pastures is more if not twice the price and serving size of The Clean Plate. There, with lesser price comes lesser serving but that's not an issue. It allows you to taste more of the variety in their menu and you won't leave the place with a hand on your tummy - because you're that full. You're supposed to eat healthy, not eat like a glutton. 

We ordered drinks first. I had their hibiscus drink and my friend got their lemongrass drink. Refreshing and pleasing to the eye, I still prefer Green Pastures' hibiscus+pandan mix though. They play Postmodern Jukebox in their resto, too, which gives it plus points for me. Haha.

It was a good experience but their Gulay Burger (veggie burger) doesn't taste like anything until you flood it with their sauce which made the dish fantabulous. Then came the arugula salad. It was nice, with vinaigrette, shaved parmesan, and some kesong puti. Or maybe I'm just biased with vinaigrettes and cheese combination. 

Lastly was the pasta. It had a huge river prawn, one mussel, pomodoro, chorizo, and wheat angel hair pasta. As expected, wheat pasta tastes like... wheat. :| I used to always just eat wheat pasta and even wheat pancakes. I used to describe it as lasang lupa but I've grown much more mature now and just shut up.