Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Here's to New Beginnings!

It has been a freaking long time since I have blogged about anything! This is mostly due to not being able to connect to the blogger during office hours. Please also add my laziness to turn on our desktop and type my thoughts and feelings away while my niece runs around and talks to me incessantly.

Last Saturday, there was this MSI-ECS sale wherein they published the available units and the amount they're offering for those. It ranges from 10% to as much as 50% discounts. They listed the specifications, payment terms, and the condition of the item (if it has been opened, or if it has a scratch from a kitten) as well so all you have to do is have some products in mind and rush to their warehouse.

My friend and teammate, Amar, told me that when he went to this sale a few years back, they camped outside the warehouse similar to an iPhone release type and when the store is open, they elbowed each other out to get that shiny laptop/tablet in pure Hunger Games fashion. (There were items there that has "1" as its listed quantity. Making it even more appealing!)

There is no way I'd survive something like that. I'd probably fall asleep on the line, forgetting where I was, or I'd be trampled upon the moment they open the gates. So I just drank (fruit juice) and wondered the night away until I got a call the next day from Amar telling me that there's this laptop which is a perfectly good deal. He wanted it for himself but he still has a working laptop at home. I have wanted to have a laptop for almost 2 years now (ever since I switched employers, I never got to have my own laptop again) and that was the perfect opportunity.

Ending? I have a laptop, I'm broke, and I'm getting fat each day.
And oh, I'll be blogging more now! Woohoo! Good for me, bad for the interweb world!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wimbledon. It's the reason I will post something. Serena wins her 21st Grand Slam and did a "Serena Slam" as well. 

Truth is, I can't wait to have a laptop and work on posting anything and everything again.