Friday, August 14, 2015

Paano mo malalaman ang borderline ng pagiging pushover at ng "being the bigger person" sa isang relasyon?

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Felisa said...

You don't. It's not really up to you to not be TOO nice. You're only a pushover if you do things that compromise things of real importance and value to you. Otherwise, with any relationship, we have to have some give.

If someone were to take advantage of your kindness (you being a bigger person), that's on them. Not on you.

Matagal ko nang tina-try na ma-drill 'to sa ulo ko. Yung thinking na dapat hindi ko i-question yung desisyon ko to be a good person on the basis of others taking advantage of that. Some days I think I've got it. Some days I still question myself.

My comment is longer than the post. Dammit.