Saturday, January 09, 2016

Old Coffee Talk

So I have decided to postpone completing my tasks that pay the bills and unearth all of  my posts that remained in the Draft status.

First post I chose to unearth? Coffee.

So what do we have here? It's a collection of the 2015 photos that I found lying somewhere under the forgotten lands in my phone.

Back to the coffee cup. Seen in this photo is our effort to make slow-drip coffee thanks to our empty margarita mix from Kirkland. Haha. We tied the plastic bottle and tried to hang it on the handle of the drawer on top. Well. When curiosity strikes and we've got nothing but time on our hands, you'll get this makeshift drip. Don't forget the pressure inside the bottle as it is dripped vertically. Or just don't do this at all. 

I have done a couple of batches of cold brew coffee (12-hour ones) at home and the best way to do it is teach people at home how to do it, too. Haha. I prepare it, leave a note, and my lovable yaya does the rest. I just call her up and she filters it. When I get home from the office, I have one mason jar of pure goodness. *smug face* Here's one small bottle of it, ready to bring anywhere I want. :)

And then we have this. Not sure if I posted it in my Taiwan entry (IF I HAVE ONE), but this sexy baby was purchased in Taipei. We were just walking towards a night market and poof. Something caught our peripheral vision we just had to turn our heads. A freaking coffee shop full of beautiful things. What a pretty sight, this syphon filter is!!! Also pictured below is my friend's manual grinder from Gloria Jean's. What a good day for coffee! Light them up!

When there's an espresso machine, it's always iced latte by the patio while waiting for the sun to kiss the plants. One's served with sugar and the other is just natural goodness. 

More coffee photos with some presence of wine, but not together. I have a regular single-serve pour-over filter but I remember that the old coffee makers (from my mom) made use of paper filters instead of the built in washable/reusable nylon ones they have now. So when I found it again, AHA! There you go. Easier to hand brew for a number of caffeine-regulars!

Coffee. It never gets old. Only we do. Huhu.

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