Saturday, January 23, 2016

There's Bipolar, Where's Fragmented?

Up Dharma Down has been in the music industry for quite some time. Not to be hipster or to be such a music snob, but they made a "grand comeback" and got catapulted (again?) in the mainstream world when they released Capacities in the market around 4 years ago. It's okay to share your favorite bands with the world. It's okay. Even if most just know a song or two, it's totally fine. Sure. They're screaming and paying anyway, just like you and I. It's okay.

My friend told me one day that she's mournful when she realized she doesn't have a copy of Capacities. Yep. I guess we stood still for quite some time after that. SOOOO... First order is to scout where to score their CDs.

She felt like this when she realized (I think while cleaning her room) that
she doesn't have a copy of UDD's album all this time.

And after a quick research and some inquiries... We braved Saguijo on a Saturday night for a Terno gig. Inside Saguijo (not our first time), we wondered again and again where the fire exits are (still dunno) and how we'll survive in the event of a calamity. This post is not about our experience in Saguijo but more on the search for the album/s. That experience deserves an entire entry of its own. Ugh.

The trip to Makati was worth it as they were selling CDs at the entrance and poof, that's Php400 a pop for you, ma'am and sir. It's okay, you're paying for expensive missed opportunities and great music anyway. The sad part? I can't find Fragmented and they're not printing those anymore!


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