Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wine Caller

It's supposed to be cellar, but we don't have one.

Presenting... My baby wine collection!!! Ok. It's actual just my stash. We don't have a proper wine storage area and based on the photo below, I don't even store my wines properly (they should be horizontal so the cork doesn't dry up).

The real issue here is that I tend to drink them. You know what I'm saying? Just look at that gew├╝rztraminer inviting you to drink. Dayuuum. It's calling out my name each time my sight chances upon them. Whenever I visit Ralph's or S&R or some other wine place (I got the Vinas del Vero from Barcino), I grab a bottle or 2. I'm starting to think I should always grab 2 bottles of each kind. One for drinking and the other for storage. It drinks up my wallet, too. :(

I always say, "I used to be an alcoholic now I'm a workaholic." I think it we'll meet in the middle now. I initially thought of storing these wines and just open them in 4 years. Yet, at the rate of my life at present, it's going to be a challenge!

I also accept donations of all kinds! Cabernet, merlot, shiraz, riesling, sauvignon blanc, I'm fine with it. :) :) :)

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