Sunday, March 06, 2016

In the Mourning

I have never read something more suited to my "morning" life than this. In fact, it made me write this entry!

This is why companies with flexible hours are so appealing to me. If I get a job with a specific time-in and time-out, I'd probably be laid off in a month (read #9). Mind you, I've had progress from showing up 2x a week, to showing up every day in the office. There is no routine in my life, except when I worked in Makati because I have to catch the company shuttle from Eastwood to Makati. And it is set that either I take the 6:30 AM ride or the 7:00 AM ride. If I miss out the 7:00 AM ride, I might just pray, cry, or wish I was sick because there is no way C5 and EDSA would part a la Red Sea for me. Traffic can be a motivation, but not that much.

Taken from Buzzfeed

I even have a timer for 3 minutes - fooling myself to
wake up after 3 minutes. Imagine the impact those minutes can bring me each day.
Back to the golden Buzzfeed post.

#s 1-6,
Every morning I question my existence. How at my age, I'm still a lazy ass rolling out of bed instead of waking up with a "hello, sunshine!" smile plastered on my face. I just can't. It's one of those things I can't pretend to like. Of course, waking up means you're alive but life doesn't register that early* to me. It's a daily struggle.

Coffee doesn't help me in a way that it makes me feel better about myself  life. I need coffee because I treat it as my responsibility juice - once I take it, I have no excuses left anymore.

Taken from Buzzfeed.


Seriously, nothing is more important than continued sleep. Supposed to be meeting a friend? Fuck friendship.

This says a lot. It's why I haven't accepted a brunch invite in years. Oh wait, I did. I just didn't sleep till we were done with the brunch. Next thing I know, I'm ready for a midnight snack. If ever I get a breakfast date, I'd probably be dozing off (since I won't sleep to be able to make it to "breakfast" time) or zombie-ing it out. Not good for any social life.

It's also the reason why I always miss out the breakfast buffet in hotels. Who eats from 6-9 AM?! It should be 11 AM - 2 PM! Justice!!! Include #11 on this, I don't do breakfasts. Nopies.


Supposed to be in class, getting an education to give you a better shot in life? OH WELL.

The moment we had freedom to choose/make our schedule back in college was one of the happiest moments in my life. Most if not all of my classes started 1:30 PM. Uh-huh. I wasn't born at 6:05 PM (I checked my birth certificate) to be a morning person.


The very best thing about the weekend is, of course, the fact that you can sleep in.

I love you so much if we're meeting on the weekend when the sun is still up. There has been a lot of times that I woke up to see my family having dinner downstairs. And there were even times they had to check in on me to see if I'm still alive or if I have died in my sleep. 

#10, 22
I still do believe that tomorrow will be the day I will wake up in the morning with a perfectly good mood that it'd make me want to start writing a journal. Who said we're not hopeful people?!

#23, 24
Yes, I have given permission to folks at home to kick my bed, slap me, shout at me, or whatever is needed for me to wake up early - let's say I have an appointment in the embassy or an exam, or something really important (because it will be unimportant if we leave the judgment to my waking self). I have also tried to convince myself that an early morning jog/run is the best way to make me fit and the only way that would happen is if I sleep with my running attire already.

Taken from Buzzfeed.

*early is purely subjective for me

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