Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I can't believe I just had this post rotting here for February 2016. Seeing this, I finally had my grand reunion with this baby. The cap of my Nalgene was sliced through by an unknown force, rendering it sort of useless since it spills at the top. I can't find any other replacement here in Manila so my gracious friend gave me a replacement instead.

You can sip using the straw or you can twist the cap open and drink like a thirsty person.
But this is the surprise of the year. The Alunsina Handbound notebooks are the prettiest notebooks you can see in Manila. The paper might not be top-notch and you can score better notebook refills elsewhere, but they provide the best covers. Mine is a small soft leather Kislap with a Palamuti of a tree design. It has a pen holder which makes it the best notebook to bring on your trips or wherever you want. Need a notebook for your life goals? Check. As a bullet journal perhaps? Here it is. How about grocery shopping? This baby is a marvel. So how am I using mine? Well. I have a thing for notebooks and this is just sitting there bringing a smile on my face whenever I see it. In summary: I'm not using it. Shame. :|

These 2 items are the only ones I uploaded last year. I must have something more but oh well. This can do for reminiscing my birthday last year. :)

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