Saturday, July 01, 2017

Winter (Melon) in the Philippines

It's July 01, 2017 and half of the year has passed. This is not the time to reflect on all of our lost time - it's half of 2017 and you still haven't accomplished your weight goal. You still haven't laced up to run at least 10 kilometers in one go. You didn't avail of the promo Krav Maga lessons near your place because you think PHP 2,000+ a month (for 6 months) is too much wherein you'll actually learn and feel like Wonder Woman. You haven't started reading or studying for that dreaded exam and where are you now? You're xx pounds heavier, unfit, and you put the belly in belly dancing.

Well. It's not really you - it's me. I'm projecting my frustrations while it's raining peacefully and consistently here in Manila. And since I am enjoying this quiet at home right now (because my niece is taking her nap), it's like Switzerland during WW.

ANYWAY! The main point of this blog entry is to really just compare 2 kinds of winter melon tea. I have found the ready to drink variant from way back but it's just recently when we passed by the international (Asian) section in the supermarket that we found the powdered/instant one.


A.  Ready-to-drink Winter Melon Tea

The Tionghwa Winter Melon tea is made in the Philippines and has brown sugar mixed into it. It has 500ml (~PHP 55) and 1L (~PHP 65) variants. I get this thing whenever I see it and this is one of the reasons my mom doesn't want me to come whenever they go to the supermarket. I get it and slip it into the family cart. Leading milk tea stores offer a minimum of PHP 85 for your winter melon tea - whether it's just pure winter melon like in Gong Cha or it's mixed with black tea like in Serenitea. But you don't want to shell out a hundred bucks for something you'll down in less than 20 minutes right??

So what you can do is stock up on these winter melon babies and buy your fresh milk. Creamiest (not necessarily healthiest) brand out there for me is the Magnolia Full Cream Milk. In just 3 easy steps, you can make yourself happier than you were 3 easy steps ago!

1. Fill your glass with ice.
2. Pour yourself some winter melon. Be generous, it's only PHP 65 for 1L.
3. Pour full cream milk around 1/4 to 1/3 of your winter melon tea. Or whatever, suit to taste.

That's it!
Awww, Winter Melon and Fresh Milk on their first date.
I have shipped them ever since. Aren't they adorable??

B.  Powdered Winter Melon Tea

So I was content and really happy with my winter melon milk tea because it's so easy to prepare and all I need to think of after is to just wash my glass. However, I chanced upon this ray of sunshine and since I'm not a fan of powdered or instant anything, I saw one keyword that made me interested: STEVIA. It's a sweetener and acts as sugar substitute. And my mother is a diabetic. So this was an opportunity to introduce my winter melon tea to my mom. I got her one pack (I think this one is from Vietnam) and when I tried it out, it kind of tastes similar - it's winter melon after all! The only concern I have with this is that I can't pinpoint how much milk is needed to balance out the winter melon if I use just one sachet.

The ready-to-drink winter melon tea is still the reigning royal in this edition. The Cool Tea brand is good enough for diabetics or those who don't want all those sugar in their drinks. Winter melon is still the bomb for sweet fruit teas that doesn't taste weird when mixed with milk.

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