Thursday, May 26, 2011

Light Constellations

Definitely, definitely catching-up with life. After all the love from Tuesday (see post before this), Wednesday may be far from its level but it's good enough.

Finishing the minimum required 8 visits from the gym, I don't know if people from Gold's Gym were on a high because for the 2nd time, their staff has uttered the words, "Ang sipag ni Ma'am ah." to me. Well, it was the first month that I didn't do "pretend gym" because I actually ran and did some weights, bwahaha. Still not a total workout as I only use their treadmill most of the time but hey, I'm off to a good start. Then got complimented with "Good form!" from one of the trainers there whom I asked to remove the free weights from the row-like-pull-thing. Obviously, I was a scholar on gym equipments in my past life. Maybe people in the gym were given their mid-year bonus a month early so they're in a good mood.

Totally unrelated from the paragraph above, this post's title is "Constellations", which is actually a song from Barbie Almalbis which was playing when I started this entry, and "Lights" is another song from her album which was playing while I was typing the last paragraphs. It would come in handy as I finished the movie "I Am Number Four" a couple of minutes ago. I had a realization. I have a fascination with lights.
Yes Alex Pettyfer, light is amazing, too.
There are already 200 million reviews on the movie and I don't want to add anything more. It's a good no brainer film, great effects for this blondie movie, can't wait if there's a sequel. Would definitely watch it. Alex Pettyfer (already mentioned in my Pretty Beautiful series!), Teresa Palmer, and Dianna Agron are the blonde stars in this film.
It's like God is calling us with these lights. Palm lights? Handlights?
Obviously not headlights, right?
Dianna Agron has a Diana in the movie. That's funny if you like cameras with light leaks (as mentioned in the movie). Here we go again with "lights" and it's not intentional! They're just really interconnected.

Who could resist such a pretty still from this movie?!?!
Number Four and Six, respectively. Awesome and madungis.

MORAL: How can a semi-photophobic fall in love with lights? Actually I don't think I'm photophobic as that is extreme, it's just that my eyes are sensitive and those grey spots around are not related (I hope so). Neither am I a heliophobe but I just can't tolerate lights, them glaring on me. Yet that won't stop anyone from pushing and dropping their jaws from lovely lights. As they say, "Impossible is just an opinion." And it's an agreed truth, that we pretty much want what we don't have.

Here we are, under a billion stars. The constellations. The light from which traveled a million years to shine down on us.

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