Sunday, April 26, 2009

Death Documented

Then it's gone. You've been together for quite some time, I consider it a long time. How many years? December of my freshman year. It was just like that.

Have you ever held a dysfunctional electronic device? If yes, can you remember the feeling? How about when you really need it asap? It hurts. It pains me. The additional stress of trying to revive it, look for ways of getting what you can from it, the effort in looking for a new one, it just doesn't feel right. Okay, drama for you, but it's true!

I had a hiatus from the virtual world and the electronic society for some time because my laptop, Alexander, died. He had a freaking heart attack, just when he had a check-up 2 days before his death.

April 14, Dr Carlo (ok he's just called Kuya Carlo) at the Technical Support Group (TSG) in our school even checked for hidden viruses and told me my laptop's clean! Tadah. I knew it, my anti-virus is a gift from the gods. Then Thursday morning comes. Yay, right? It's Thursday. Nothing could go wrong. 

April 16, I was early. Early, that I even asked the TSG Head for the keys to our room. Ngahaha. After some of my groupmates arrived, my screen went kaput. Garbage. Colorful garbage. I saw rainbow and static something. Tried to restart it. Black screen. Okay, patience is the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. And patience is a virtue. Congrats to myself. I had patience that time. Hmmm... Okay I lost patience and tried to restart it again. Include a lot of, "please work or I'll hurt my groupmates." Patience went on and off again, yup, just like some relationships. This time, I got so pissed off I went to the TSG. Tanananan. They told me maybe it's because of the memory or whatever. They'd try to use an external monitor and see if it's the monitor. They asked me if I want them to open it tomorrow because it's closing time. Okay. It was a long night for me. Our old desktop just blue screened on me. That felt bad.

April 17, I went back to the TSG. They told me they tried to replace the RAM, and all the crap it still doesn't work. They did other stuff and the diagnosis was, graphics card. It's common 5580 series death certificate. So if you're using a 5580 series laptop from Acer, better back-up your stuff already. At some point, it's going to leave you. So I don't have anything to use. And we're going to have our EB (Executive Board) meeting on April 18-19. What am I going to use? Pen and Paper. Yes. Pen and paper. So I told my dad about it. We're having a second opinion in Cubao. Told me the same thing, just by looking at my laptop and from my description. They told me it's a common problem for 5580s. Wah.

April 18-19. I didn't have any laptop with me. Yay... NOT.

I'll end this just like that. Want me to scan what I have written? If you want, just say so, I still won't scan it, nonetheless.

MORAL: This is not about me looking for a new laptop, or anything related to new, fix, happiness, Quickly, smile, fireworks, laughter, books, puppies, rainbows, CDs, unicorns, and all the likes of happy thoughts. This entry is just about how I tried to summarize whatever happened to my laptop who (which) left me. So young, with so much future. My laptop left me just when I needed it most. Just when we're going to set the future of our organization. Did I mention there was a teardrop in my left eye the first time I came back from the TSG when my teacher joked and told me to just buy a new one? It hurts like crap. I know laptops are cheaper now, but there's sentimental value. And it's not a good joke. Not at all.

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